Industries & Application

Triveni’s steam turbines finds its application in a wide range of industries such as Sugar, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Textiles, Chemical, Palm Oil, Food Processing etc. The turbines are used in multiple applications like Co-generation, Combined Heat & Power Generation, Waste to Energy, Captive Power Generation and Independent Power Generation. With the mission to provide low-cost, energy-efficient and environment friendly solutions, we invest into extensive research & development, leading to a world-class industry specific solution for every client.

With over 6000 turbines installations in over 75 countries globally, the Company is fast spreading its global footprint to more countries and geographies.

Advantages of Steam turbines in power generation

  • The physical properties of steam (used as an energy source for the turbines) are predictable at various pressures & temperatures and are constant across the globe.
  • The Steam turbine designs are scalable and can be designed to suit any application.
  • A Steam turbine separates the energy source and electrical power generation, making it compatible with various sources of fuels as feedstock (Coal, Biomass, Municipal Waste), unlike a gas turbine, gas engine, diesel sets, etc.
  • Combined heat and power can be handled by steam turbines effectively, making it a widely used mode of power generation in the process industry.
  • Steam turbines cater to the base load operation in modern power systems by virtue of their unique operational characteristics (starting time and reliability).
Efficiency Enhancement
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