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Triveni offers SMART (Sustainable Modularly Arranged pressure Reducing Turbines) units which are essentially backpressure steam turbines and perform the same function as pressure-reducing stations while offering additional electricity by converting steam energy into electrical energy.


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  • Rice mills essentially produces steam at higher pressure than what is required for the milling process through low / medium pressure saturated boilers. This steam is then passed through a Pressure Reduction De-Superheating station to reduce to a lower pressure at the utilization point.

    Triveni's SMART units are designed to offer innovative solution by providing higher profitability to rice mill owners. Triveni SMART units have Modular construction from concept stage to the production stage, keeping capital & maintenance costs at a minimum and assuring on-time delivery.

    Triveni's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, innovative R&D team, quick delivery, and excellent after-sales service has helped us become a leading player in the rice milling industry.

Why Triveni s SMART units for Rice Mills?

  • Triveni's SMART units come with Remote Monitoring
  • Highly efficient Power Generation with Attractive Return on Investment
  • Low maintenance and operating cost
  • Plug and Play model with Turbine Generator mounted on Single Skid
  • Best in class After-sales support
  • Quick Start and Stop mechanism
Frame Power Rating in kW Max. Inlet Pr. Kg/Cm2G Max. Inlet Temp. Deg C Max Exhaust Pr. Kg/Cm2G Inlet Size in Inchesv Exhaust Size in Inches
TST1001S 100 30 250 7 6 10
TST1002S 250 30 250 7 6 12
TST1005S 500 35 400 7 8 14
TST1010S 1000 35 400 7 8 16
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