• Triveni Turbine Ltd. is a leading industrial steam turbine manufacturer and a market leader with around 60% market share in India. Over 6,000 steam turbines supplied by Triveni have been installed across 20 Industries in over 75 plus countries spanning 6 continents. We design, develop and supply advanced technology steam turbines up to 100 MW range for heat and power generation applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

    Turbines supplied and installed by Triveni, now generate over 16000 MW of power globally. Over the five decades, Triveni has delivered robust, reliable and efficient steam turbine solutions, making it one of the most reliable company in the world. Triveni manufactures back-pressure and condensing steam turbines that work across a wide range of pressure and flow applications with a choice of Impulse and Reaction technology to meet growing customer demand on a global scale.

    Triveni has stayed at the forefront of technology and is a prime partner for your business.

Product Range

Up to 100 MW Range

  • Condensing
    Steam Turbines

Straight Condensing
Bleed Condensing
Extraction Condensing
Double Extraction Condensing
Injection Condensing
Axial Turbines
Reheat Condensing

  • Back Pressure
    Steam Turbines

Straight Back Pressure
Bleed Back Pressure
Extraction Back Pressure

  • Specifications
Power Generation Capacity Steam Inlet Temperature Steam Inlet Pressure
Up to 100 MW Up to 545°C Up to 140 Bar(a)

API Steam Turbines

Triveni offers a wide range of API compliant steam turbines upto 100MW range in back pressure and condensing modes suitable for applications in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery and Fertilizer industries.

Triveni’s API compliant steam turbines are designed for installation in harsh weather conditions (desert, coastal, tropical, frigid). Triveni customizes its products for both Safe and Hazardous area installations.

Our products are suitable for continuous essential and non- essential applications. Modular concept of construction allows highest degrees of customization to match the most stringent project specifications.

Our Standard Scope of Supply

  • Steam turbine and its control system
  • Gearbox
  • Alternator
  • Lubricating oil system
  • Control oil system
  • Electrical metering/ control/ protection system
  • Turbovisory system
  • Condensing system

Our Key Value Proposition

  • Appropriate & adaptable steam turbine solution for any application
  • Engineered to order optimized heat and power solutions which addresses
    • Variations in season and offseason steam requirements
    • High as well as low inlet pressure as well as temperature
    • Extraction flows at various pressure
    • High extraction flows
    • High back pressure
    • Low heat rate
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Lean project schedule
Efficiency Enhancement
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