Supply Chain


Triveni’s process driven approach is supported by a flexible & agile manufacturing system and well-established supplier network, which facilitates faster delivery of quality products.

Supplier relationship management is one of the critical success factors which determines the growth and success of the business. Triveni has a strong supplier base both in India and Internationally. It associates with its key suppliers by entering into long term partnership agreements which significantly contribute to the success of this business. A well defined purchase policy covering all aspects of the procurement function serves as a guideline for transparent, consistent working and purchase risk mitigation. Product standardisation through value engineering is an ongoing activity to optimise cost and manufacturing lead-times.

The suppliers on the other hand are governed by a strict code of conduct and non-disclosure agreements. The company partners with them to improve their manufacturing processes to minimise rejections and rework, thus reducing costs. It also clearly shares its business plans and expected order flow to the ‘A’ class suppliers manufacturing the critical long lead items to enable them keep manufacturing facilities earmarked for the requirements of the Company. It is through the support of its supply chain partners, that, the Company has been offering the shortest deliveries in the turbine market.

Efficiency Enhancement
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