REFURB (Refurbishment Business)

Triveni Turbines Refurbishing is carving out a niche in the Refurbishing and Repair of "Any make, Any age” of rotating equipments across the world

The wide portfolio includes from “Efficiency Enhancements” by complex Re-Engineering of "Any make, Any age” of Rotating equipments by using advanced scanning equipments and State of the art Design and Manufacturing facilities to basic activities like overhauls, health checks, condition assessments and spare parts supply by reverse engineering.

The Refurbishing team leverages the solid foundation created by our Design Team and our Field Service Engineers with our vast experience of Manufacturing and Commissioning of over 6000 Turbines Globally. Our R&D team specialists are continuously developing newer more efficient turbines with new generation blades year on year which will be Re-Engineered to be fit onto your existing Turbine to enhance the efficiency.

The comprehensive portfolio of refurbishing services includes:

  • Efficiency Restoration or Improvement
  • Renovation & Modernization (R&M)
  • Re-Engineering
  • Health survey and condition assessment
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Overhauling
  • AMCs for all makes of steam turbines
  • Maintenance Solutions

    Maintenance Solutions

    Triveni refurbishing has built their reputation on service and quick turnaround. We have over 100 trained engineers to talk to you one on one and walk you through the resolution of the problem. They are also travelling to sites to support engineers.

    We have a whole basket of offerings which include health monitoring,Health monitoring can be carried out either in person or by setting up your turbine for remote review with our Triveni Touch. Our engineers will be able to review the performance during operations and present possible solutions and time lines to the action. This will assist the customer in taking informed decisions on the turbine performance and shut down to be taken. LTSA,LTSA or long term service agreements are signed up for all makes of turbines. The contracts range from 3 to 5 years and are comprehensive including health checks at regular intervals, interspersed with minor and major overhauls. Our engineers are also deputed on priority when there is a pressing demand. RLA studies,RLA studies are conducted where required when the turbine is open on all critical components to define the condition of the parts and establish the life of the component. This is more essential when the turbines are beyond a certain period of time or have experienced a failure of any kind. overhaulsOverhauls are taken up, minor and major based on intervals as defined by the OEM or if there is an issue with the operations and needs corrections. We depute our specialists and use the manpower locally to complete the job. It is our way of encouraging local partnership to grow and develop with us. and O&MO & M is our offering for companies that prefer to focus on their core competencies and hand over the whole plant to us. We staff the whole plant starting from raw material fed to the boiler till evacuation of power. The contracts are often signed with uptime and downtime guarantees. , to ensure that you can focus on your core competencies and allow us to ensure optimum performance of your turbine island.

  • Solutions for Efficiency Improvement of any turbine you operate

    Solutions for Efficiency Improvement of any turbine you operate

    We have come across number of customers who are operating turbines which are in operations for long periods of time making the turbine inefficient, or cases where in the quest for growth parameters have changed making the turbine inefficient.

    These are cases where we engage with customers, understand the requirement, review and present offers to improve efficiency of the turbines, resulting significant savings.

    We use our latest generation blades for the rotor and matching diaphragms to ensure enhanced performance. We also exercise the option of going impulse, reaction or hybrid.

    The intent is to protect the casings and only replace internals with our steam path to achieve the efficiency improvement and are extremely significant. This also ensures that the footprint remains the same and hence there is no need for any review of the civil foundations.

  • Benefits


    1. Upto 15% improvement in efficiency
    2. ROI under 2 years resulting in increasing profitability of operations
    3. Life extension of turbine by over 100000 hours
    4. Increase in span between 2 overhauls
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    Why Us

    Our steam turbines serve a vast range of industries

  • Services Offered

    Services Offered

    Aging turbines get a new lease of life through Triveni's refurbishing service

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