LTSA/Overhauling/Operation and Maintenance/RLA/Health Monitoring for steam turbines/Generators and Compressors

LTSA / Overhauling / Operation and Maintenance / RLA / Health Monitoring for Steam Turbines / Generators and Compressors

We support our customers by engaging in LTSA across all brands. The contracts range from 3 to 5 years and are comprehensive including health checks at regular intervals interspersed with minor and major overhauls. Our engineers are also deputed on priority when there is a pressing demand. Minor and Major Overhauls are based on intervals as defined by the OEM or if there is an issue with the operations and needs corrections. Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is our offering for companies that prefer to focus on their core competencies and hand over the whole plant to us. Residual Life Analysis (RLA) studies are conducted where required when the turbine is open on all critical components to define the condition of the parts and establish the life of the component. This is more essential when the turbines have run beyond a certain period of time or have experienced a failure of any kind.

Health monitoring can be carried out either in person or by setting up your turbine for remote review with our “Triveni Touch”. Our engineers will be able to review the performance during operations and present possible solutions and time lines to the recommended actions. This will assist the customer in taking informed decisions on the turbine performance and shut down to be taken.


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  • 6000 + Steam Turbine
    Units Installed
  • 20 + Industries
  • 80 + Countries
  • 16000 + MW+ Global
    Installed Capacity
  • Market
    Leader in India

Efficiency Enhancement Solutions

  • Upto 15% improvement in efficiency
  • ROI under 2 years resulting in increasing profitability of operations
  • Life extension of turbine by over 100,000 hours
  • Increase in span between 2 overhauls


  • Leading OEM of Steam Turbines globally
  • Manufacturing capacity of 350 Turbines/year
  • About 6000 installations in over 80+ countries
  • 16GWe of insalled power
  • AS9100D Aerospace standard certification
  • Gold standard in refurgishing

Case Study

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    Achieving Higher Efficiency Download
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