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Triveni is associated with world-renowned design houses & academia – IISc Cambridge, UK Polimi Italy, Sykorsky (Lockheed Martin) and Concepts NREC, USA Our in-house team, supported by consultants and domain experts from across the world are always looking for new ways of value addition, to help the customer by providing maximum output and performance while reducing life cycle costs.

Our in house research and development team are equipped with state of the art CFD,FEA platforms and have developed a range of innovative products to match with the constantly changing market and customer needs. Our advanced R&D product program has over 60 field proven models.

  • Continuous enhancement program for turbine efficiency
  • High pressure designs up to 140 Bar(a) , up to 540° C
  • Efficient HP impulse and reaction blade path design
  • Series of advanced tapered and twisted LP modules with compound lean.
  • Series of advanced tapered and twisted IP modules with high degree of loading
  • Low pressure drop Emergency Stop and Control valve, zero leakage control valves.
  • Turbines for Solar Power Plant
  • Injection turbines for Waste Heat Recovery plants
  • Single / Double extraction turbines for High / Low pressure extraction
  • Hybrid turbine with blending of best of reaction and impulse technologies
  • Turbines for variable speed applications
  • Advanced shaft end seals and inter stage seals – Brush Seals and Abradable Seals
  • Double casing designs for high pressure applications
  • Robust control system with quick response characteristics
  • Modular Building Blocks with optimum standardized components
  • State of the art Rotordynamics for reliable rotor behaviour
  • Multilevel balance piston for thrust load reduction
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics (RMD) for health monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Turbines for Barge Mounted Power Plants
Efficiency Enhancement
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