Jun, 09 2020

It is an established practice to use alternate sources of energy to reduce cost of manufacturing. One of the proved practices is to have waste heat recovery system installed. Here is a case study with more details.

Feb, 01 2018
There are still a large number of back-pressure turbines in district heating schemes in eastern Europe and the CIS. Many of these are now being or have been replaced by combined-cycle plants with condensing–extraction turbines. Some of the first installations were in East Germany and Hungary.
Aug, 14 2017
Triveni Turbine Ltd. is a leading industrial steam turbine manufacturer, with a dominant market share of over 60 per cent in India. Triveni Turbines is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial steam turbine globally. It manufactures steam turbines at its world-class manufacturing facilities in Bengaluru, India and assists its customers with their aftermarket requirement through its four global servicing offices.
Jan, 10 2017
The extraction condensing turbine is able to change the electric power and the process steam flow independently by adjusting inlet steam flow and process steam flow. Adjustment of process steam flow is implemented by the extraction control valve.
Efficiency Enhancement
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