Mr. P. U. Gopi

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


Mr. P.U. Gopi graduated in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Suratkal in 1988. Besides this, he holds an MBA in Finance from Bangalore University in 1994.


Mr. P.U. Gopi is Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President in Technology function of Triveni Turbines. Gopi has served in the industrial turbo-machinery domain for over 35 years. During this period, apart from Triveni, he has worked in Alstom Power and CICB-Elliott compressors.

Gopi’s strengths are extensive experience in steam turbine domain and leading market-oriented product development programs. He possesses a strong product optimisation acumen which is critical in developing turbine solutions for competitive environment.

During his tenure, Gopi has been instrumental in leading the product programs successfully for Triveni Turbines. He also carried out developing technology solution landscape roles with earlier associations of the company. In the current role as the CTO, his responsibility includes the project engineering, product development and validation. Product solutions encompasses Industrial power generation, Oil & Gas (API) and other turbomachinery for renewable energy solutions. In addition to power segment, it also includes industrial heating and cooling solutions. Staying competitive in an ever-demanding & highly cost-conscious business portfolio, his Product Value Proposition has enabled the Company to improve the Net Promoter Score, a key metric to measure customer satisfaction levels.

His vast experience in turbo machinery product life cycle and well-honed product development team is helping Triveni in providing products to meet sustainability goals of global customers. It also enabling the Company in providing effective re-lifing solution to aging turbo-machinery fleet.

Associations with leading design houses in USA and global leading Universities in Europe viz. Cambridge, Stuttgart University, POLIMI Milan, Genova University and IITs, IISc, Bangalore have been instrumental in meeting challenging goals of energy conversion efficiency for heat, power and cooling solutions. These initiatives are serving the Company in fulfilling global market needs of environment friendly sustainability solutions.

Career Journey:

Gopi’s career journey spans over 3 decades that includes…

  • July 1988 to June 1993: Design Engineer at Triveni Engineering
  • July 1993 to October 1996: Senior Design engineer at GEC Alsthom Triveni Limited
  • November 1996 to March 1998: Manager at CICB Elliott, Bangalore.
  • April 1998 to January 2001: Manager at Alstom Power
  • February 2001 to March 2006: Head of Application Engineering at Triveni
  • April 2006 to current: Various roles in Technology function at Triveni Turbines.
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