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From delivering the first steam turbine in 1968 to indigenization of many components of the steam turbines, today Triveni has crossed many milestones in establishing itself as an innovation driven organization.

In the last decade, the company has laid strong foundations for fundamental research and development in the field of steam turbine designs leading to several innovations and improvements. Innovation has thus been at the core of its business, and Triveni recognises the value of its intellectual property in today's business environment.

The company has put in necessary measures to transform itself into an IP-centric organization. Apart from technical talent improvement training and sensitization sessions, focused and awareness training are some of the enablers deployed to create IP culture and nurture innovation within the organization. Triveni Turbines undertakes extensive filing of patents, design registrations, copyrights & trademarks to protect the generated intellectual property in India & abroad.

Triveni Turbines has filed for intellectual property rights protection of over 250 different creations generated in-house. This includes more than 50 patent filings, and over 125 industrial designs registrations. Triveni Turbines has been awarded nearly 150 intellectual property rights in countries such as India, the European Union, and in the United States of America. It has also filed for trademark and copyright protections. Triveni has protected technologies related to various critical aspects of steam turbines. This affirms the fact that Triveni is engaged in innovative cutting edge technologies for the future generation of steam turbines.

  • More than 250 filings on innovations generated in-house
  • Over 50 patent filings
  • More than 125 industrial designs
  • Nearly 150 granted Intellectual Property Rights
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