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Triveni strongly believes that organizations can learn only through people, which is one of its important assets. Business goals need to be transformed into tangible learning goals. People development should be transformational, proactive, and future-focused. The ethos of 'right first time' is not truly achievable, but the aim to 'learn from this time for next' is.

Training brings in the required scalability in our operations by providing trained manpower. Learning is an essential process of an individual's professional development. Individual and organizational learning should form a mutually reinforcing virtuous circle.

At Triveni, learning & development is a continuous process. Creating skilled and experienced employees result in complete fulfillment of unique customer requirements, thereby delivering customer delight. This is accomplished by focusing on continually updating the knowledge of employees.

The company also focuses on enhancing the employees' management and leadership skills. Triveni has a world-class learning centre for meeting the ever-increasing company requirements as well as customer prerequisites for trained manpower and niche skills such as knowledge of steam turbine construction & operation maintenance, and soft skills. The learning centre conducts around 1,800 hours of training per year.


  • To deliver comprehensive training programmes through a collaborative approach between the internal and external resources
  • To impart contemporary knowledge on turbine islands and general management competencies for professional employee development

We consider our customers as our long term partners. Considering this, our learning centre contributes equally towards customer training programmes primarily in aspects of operation and maintenance of steam turbine generator islands.

The training programmes are focused on design, manufacture, and servicing of steam turbines, along with managerial & leadership skills. The programmes consist of:

  • Specialized training programmes on operations & maintenance, high speed balancing, vibration analysis, and customer service.
  • Annual graduate engineer trainees programmes
  • Refresher courses for employee skill upgradation
  • General management skill development: These include master engineer & leadership development programmes
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