We have in our portfolio a very powerful AMC program. This gives the comfort and confidence to the customer of an extended period under the Triveni umbrella. This customized package is formulated to proactively deploy our service team and support the customer during both normal as well as emergency service requirement.

Our AMC offers includes services as per customized manday basis which covers:

  • Major Overhauling
  • Minor Overhauling
  • Health Check up Visits
  • Troubleshooting Visits

Our AMC provides the following benefits:-

  • 24 x 7 services for reporting any problem if arise.
  • Improved product reliability and upkeep time.
  • Lower and more predictable cost of ownership.
  • Predictable machine operation and maintenance costs.
  • Support for the extended life of machinery
  • Added advantage of inspection of Triveni supplied items & panels and its periodic maintenance schedule planning.
  • Customization of the services as per requirement of customer.
  • Insulation from price escalation for the period of AMC.
  • Updates on latest developments and enhancements with offering to improve efficiencies, automation of turbine and auxiliaries.
  • Elimination of formalities such as asking for quotation, order placement etc.
  • Our contract also includes continual training and support to your staff either whilst our engineers are onsite or via telephone.
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